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Hallo, here you can find some articles about titles in all media, from literature up to tv-serials. I was very impressed by the works, so I just had to go and tell someone. I would be happy if I could "wake your interest" in this way. Besides, I'm very interested in your opinion too. So I'm looking forward to hear from you.

Until now, there are only a few articles here and they are mostly in German but I hope I can change that soon. It depends on the time I have to write and to translate.

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Handvoll Venus  "Space Merchants" - Kornbluth, Pohl

DeathGate  "The Death Gate Cycle" - M. Weiss, T. Hickman

Habenichtse  "The Dispossessd" - Ursula K. Le Guin

Habenichtse  communist literatur

Habenichtse  short reviews


deBurgh  "Making the Perfect Man" - Chris de Burgh


Jewels  "Jewels of the Oracle" (Computer Game)

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Game Solutions



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